Life's Realities vs Life Assurance – Taking a Prudent Decision

Life is a series of events and occurrences; some negative events are self-inflicted and others not within human control.

·        Have you thought of suffering from a devastating injury? 
·        What about a family member developing a serious illness?
·        Or losing any loved ones to death as a result of an accident or illness?

These are possible events that could confront any individual, and without adequate consciousness and a Prudent Proactive decision, the effects on any of these sad events can be very devastating and even life-threatening on any victims of such calamities.

What then should one do towards making adequate preparation for the ‘shock absorber’ for such ugly scenarios?

 Life Assurance has been available and provided by the Insurance Companies over the ages, but only a handful of people take advantage of the magnificent benefits afforded by this class of insurance.

Most people fail to take a decisive approach towards cushioning the ‘Nuisance Effects’ of life’s realities as identified above, not because they cannot afford it, but because of their negative perception of the whole insurance business generally. Little do they realize the consequences of such negative perceptions on their well -being.

The essence of having life Assurance insurance is to protect oneself from unforeseen accidents or losses. An accident or illness can disrupt a person’s livelihood and lifestyle, especially when the person is self-employed and such accident or illness can even involve emergency evacuation abroad for specialist treatment, thereby making the situation more complex and financially devastating. 

The Purchase of Life Assurance, Personal Accident, Health and Wellness Insurance for self and families should be taken more seriously by groups such as:

· Self-employed Artistes of all kinds, 
· Sportsmen
· Actors
· Musicians.
· Disk Jockeys
· Businessmen/women & Traders

It is easier to proactively prepare for unforeseen problems than waiting for an unpleasant scenario to unfold, by which time it may have been too late for any remedy or succour 

We design well-structured Welfare Packages for Families, Associations and Groups and these packages provide ample and handy benefits for them when any of these Life Realities stares them in the face.

The following are the various products on offer:

Group Personal Accident/Disability Benefits
Group Endowment Assurance
Group Life Term Assurance

Group Personal Accident/Disability Benefits: 
Many self-employed individuals (Businessmen, Traders, Artisans including, Drivers, Tailors, Carpenters etc.) have been incapacitated by accidents (e.g. Okada, Motor, Domestic-related and other Work-related accidents) resulting in partial or permanent disability. 

This plan is designed to provide round-the-clock coverage to policyholders in the event of an accident anywhere in the world and for 24-hours per day coverage as well. 

The plan pays for Death, Partial, Permanent Disability including Medical Treatment Costs and Funeral Expenses.

Group Endowment Assurance:
Family protection is the primary purpose of Life Assurance and it has been said that Life Assurance is not necessarily to make a man richer but to stop his family becoming poor or poorer when he - the breadwinner is no more. 

A well-prearranged endowment assurance scheme combines both savings and life protection in one plan. 

Deposit Administration Scheme:
This is an investment instrument whereby the contributions from groups and associations are invested to attract maximum interest return obtainable in the investment market. 

The fund can be insured with an insurance company or it can be privately managed as a Self-Administered Scheme.

Going by current market rates, a deposit administration scheme with an insurance company will earn interest ranging from 10% to 13% per annum depending on the size of the fund and the insurance company. The Fund may earn a higher rate if self - administered 


• Provision of regular and handy income for the family’s need 
• Ensuring peace of mind and fewer worries about the unexpected
• Protection of family wealth and encouraging peaceful co-existence, love and warmness   
  among families. 
• Provision of Lump-Sum Cash Payment which is tax allowable  

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