Don't Take Chances - Protect Your Treasures

Valentine's Day has come and gone and many people have gotten nice gifts from their spouses, lovers and significant others etc.

Owning expensive jewellery or gadgets is something people take pride in and it is important to have protection for such treasured possessions. These items are not limited to expensive phones, laptops, art pieces, inherited family heirlooms and many more.

Consider this scenario:
Mrs Ade went to a Lagos party with gold jewellery worth over N1m adorned on her neck (Afterall she had to #pepperdem and beautiful things aren’t meant to be hidden), a thief ripped it off in the car park before she got into the event hall, all she could do was scream but the thief got away with her prized jewelleries.
Mr Badu whose home got robbed and the thieves took all his wife’s jewellery, his original Rolex, Cartier and Hublot watches. He lived in a rented property and refused insurance for his house contents and personal effects. He assumed that his landlord’s property insurance covered him as well.

Although, the House Owner/House Holders insurance policy is designed to protect your home building and its content from unforeseen losses resulting from fire, theft, flood and wind damage and other perils.  Mr Badu’s landlord felt it was not his responsibility to insure his tenant’s contents.

As brokers, we advise property owners to get a House Owners insurance policy with protects the building, its contents (in our out of the premises) and personal liability to third parties. 

For tenants, we advise they get a Householders policy which covers  contents/personal effects(in our out of the premises), personal liability to third parties. 

Both policies can be extended to cover family members and domestic servants.

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