Insurance is the Best Form of Assurance

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It was reported in the news a week ago that over 40 vehicles got burnt and 12 people died in the recent catastrophic petrol tanker inferno at the Otedola bridge in Lagos. A father shared his story on social media, narrating how he was in traffic after dropping his children at school. Once he noticed the explosion he took to his heels for the love of his life, he made it home with only his car keys and was grateful to be alive.

Insurance is like a guardian angel sent to protect and restore lost personal assets in the occurrence of an unforeseen disastrous event. Having saved money and worked hard to purchase the car, it was lost in an instant. As long as, he had a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy on the car, he would be reimbursed the full value of the car at the time of inception of the policy.

This does not remove the damage done by the fire but it would assist him in getting back on his feet. He would not need to worry about how he would save for another vehicle or how his children would get to school on time. There would be little or no extra expenses once an insurance policy is triggered.

Thinking insurance is thinking safety, it cannot bring back a lost life but it would make the loss easier to bear financially. In an ever-diverse way, assurance has gone viral even though the best gift of “assurance” you can give your family is insurance.
Insurance coverage is available for high and low-income earners to the people earning the barest minimum. This enables you give your family assurance in the event of a loss or adversity.
At IBN our goal is to improve lives through knowledge and possibilities. Talk to us today about protecting your life and assets, if you were affected by the fire, please contact your insurance broker/insurance provider for recourse. If you do not have insurance make a formal complaint to the owner of the tanker to get compensated for the damage to your vehicle. For more information on any of the above forms of insurances, contact us 

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