How Insurance Helped Me Bury My Father

My father died 3 years ago, after a protracted illness and being the eldest son of an Igbo Chief, “Maazi" as we fondly called him, had to have a send forth worthy of his status.

Before he died, he was ill for almost a year and we had been paying his medical bills through our noses. Maazi, a practical man to the core had decided where he was to be buried, how much money would be spent and who would attend his burial as a Chief of high esteem.

I honestly thought my father had lost his marbles, had he forgotten the amount of money spent to ensure he lived? Why would he plan a party he won't attend? It didn't make sense to me at the time

Six months into the illness, he died, Maazi knew I was struggling financially and I was furious especially after I remembered my father's rather grandiose burial wish.

There's an African proverb that says what an old man sees sitting down, a young man cannot see even at the top of a tree. We discovered that Maazi had taken a Group Life Assurance cover with his age group association in the village.

This insurance cover provides financial compensation in the event of a death of any member. The association had asked for insurance that would cover his funeral costs with an extension including accidental medical expenses which did not apply to my father's case but we received the full funeral expenses benefits.

I also remembered that I had listed my father as a member in our family Group Life Assurance policy and which also covers disability insurance, group personal accident insurance and funeral expenses.

I was later informed that this policy could be extended to include critical illness which meant that I didn't need to pay my father's medical bills out of my own pocket, if only I had known.

Immediately I filed a death claim and provided the necessary information and the rest is history. Maazi was buried in grand style like an erudite icon and most importantly I did not become a pauper to bury my father.

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