Everyday Life and Insurance

One Saturday morning, my wife did not feel like going for her driving lesson and I wondered why? Usually, she would ask about our regular Saturday routine of taking the car around the neighborhood to keep improving her confidence on the steering wheel.

I was not particularly inclined to go as well. But I reminded myself that it is best not to start what one cannot finish (It is a slogan for me). After speaking to her she agreed and joined me in the car.

The Build-up to Incident
  • I decided she would drive briefly on the express and we would turn off to the minor roads, normally I would not allow her on the main express.
  • I chose not to put the learner's sign when she started driving from my street. Previously, I would ensure we put the “L” sign before commencing driving. This day I decided to put it the car after she turned off the express.
  • I allowed her to decide the practice route that Saturday morning. So, I sat back relaxed to enjoy the ride. This too was against my normal mindset of watching her every move to avoid ‘simple’ errors.
Unknowingly, all these formed the build-up to a serious incident.

The first error was really disobeying our ‘gut feeling’ not to go for driving practice that Saturday. The three hazy decisions only led to what I now call the reality of life: risk is everywhere, every time and ever-present every day.

Insurance is The Most Unplanned Part of Life 
This is what followed at 7.30 am or thereabouts on that cool, mild Saturday in October:
She drove on and approached a tight bend in the inner streets of Ikosi, Lagos. We saw a Nissan Pathfinder SUV coming towards the corner, she tried her best to avoid a collision and at the same time prevented the car from plunging into a drainage channel. This happened so fast leading to the erroneous build-up which paved the way for AN ACCIDENT.

The accident happened, two vehicles were damaged, emotions played out, time flew by as we assessed and re-assessed conditions of the accident. Suggestions about the next step to ameliorate the situation; to make the third party (or damaged car) satisfied came forth. Still, we did not immediately remember the insurance solution. The shock from the sudden incident was the sole reason we forgot.

Insurance Cover - The Solution
Soon as I remembered the car had insurance cover, I relaxed and became more confident and assured. I felt relieved like when a child sees his father coming to settle an issue of a glass cup he broke knowing he is covered by his father’s capability to replace the broken glass.

Every day in life, we do not pay attention to different kinds of danger – personal and family; that we may encounter. This explains why there are so many disagreements, struggles, setbacks, litigations and possibly loss of valuables in our society. This lowers the quality of life.

For instance, pictures of wailing people watching as fire raze their homes and valuables confront us every time. They are not covered by insurance and at such period blame the enemy or the devil. But whether we like it or not risks and danger occur without prior notice or warning. TAKE AN INSURANCE COVER TODAY!

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written by:
Nnamdi Nweke-Ilozue

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